Five times as many winnings as the previous highest paying slot machine, 5xMagic is an innovative and entertaining game to play online. The 5xMagic slot game is a progressive reel machine that deals the same amount of money regardless of whether the player wins or loses. It is themed like a video slot with five lines instead of reels, so it’s easier to win than ever. However, the only drawback to the game is that it doesn’t offer progressive jackpots.

The classic-style slots are among the most popular and appealing to modern players. The simple gameplay and rich graphics make them appealing to gamers. 5xMagic is a classic slot game with simple gameplay. While the game is not overloaded with bonus features, it doesn’t sacrifice the quality of its graphics in order to appeal to gamers of all skill levels. The classic design and theme of this slot makes it a perfect choice for all types of players.

The symbols in 5xMagic are thematic and classical. The classic icons in the game include Mr Smith, the one bar, the two bar, and the three bars. In addition, there are also many other symbols in the game. In addition to the classic symbols, the game features icons that have thematic meanings. For example, the five-bar symbol represents a multiplier. Getting at least three of these icons in a row on a payline will award you with a prize of up to 50x your line bet.

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